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  Anonymous said:
DOES THE SHADOW TRIAD TRANSFORM INTO A HYDREIGON AND BACK???????? (this is a joke but imagine how cool that'd be)


But that’s a cool idea ngl…

  Anonymous said:
Hi! I've been watching your nuzlocke ever since your DIamond run and you're one of my all time fav nuzlockers <3 Can I ask that aside from Diana who else are on Kynim's current team? :D and how did Annie and Alex die?? :c LOVE U!!!!

Hiii and thank you!

Diana is the only active member on the team, since she is still young (Garchomps live for a long time) while the others (Gohan, Maximus) have retired due to old age. Annie died from old age, and Alex got sick.

  iamffy said:
After drawing that much for one thing, Kynim, I commend your efforts! I just hope you aren't... Cry-ing-ogonal. :'D

>that pun


  Anonymous said:
What are you planning?! D:


  mitkitty said:
*snorts* I was wondering why you would imply you had trouble with Brycen, but nope! I honestly would have been disappointed in you if you DIDN'T one hit or two hit all of his Pokemon with Jojo.

I literally 1HKO’d everyone with Jojo.

I know I added Zach attacking in one of the panels but he honestly never got to fight the gym because Jojo went in a fire punched everything in sight.

Finally at our 7th gym! Nothing can go wrong….right?

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Hopefully this can be done by tonight GODDDDD

*the magic of filters*

I finished linearting and I will say this has been a bizarre ride

Drawing this Pokemon alone took me an hour.