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Gettin my mojo back esp since this is extra comic material…here’s a service mon that will intro a new npc!

Gonna get a bit lazy sadly

  Anonymous said:
could u imagine jordan losing his hair tie and having to ask for one from nina but all she has are pink scrunchies

Then he’d be the prettiest boy in the ball——


—-oh wait he’s dead LOL


A question that has been on my mind for a while, how would Adult Kynim react to a Gaga song on the radio?


Probably like this

Relevant here

Death fears already sighted

Filler extra, but I think we need it especially since I have a lot of things planned :)


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So I realized I had a filler extra comic that I needed to finish so I might post that before my other extra comic (so the originally planned Extra #029 is now Extra #30).

I’m still upset that Extra #28 and future Extra #30 werent a main update now OTL….my planning is awful

Been in a weird art rut right now but I do have this extra comic WIP…I should get working on it soon OTL


Oh god I finally drew it…it’s based on this chatlog hahahahha orz

There really are some interesting ties with Stone Ocean and my nuzlocke I swear….


Are you going to do another Nuzlocke comic after White? If so, which game will it be for?