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Hey anons (or is it the same anon?), answers are under cut. Vague spoilers ahead.

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  Anonymous said:
How much did it cost to purchase your CS5? Asking because I've been thinking of changing the software I use, and I noticed that was what you mentioned using (as per your FAQ).

My dad’s friend had it so I got it for ~$100 like a couple years back. I dunno how much it costs now…

FYI this CS5 I use is not the professional version.

  Anonymous said:
Perhaps you should hold a contest for someone to design a Gijinka for Fart,

Would people seriously participate tho

*struggling with an art demotivation but godamnit this update*

I’m working on it I swear………


Andy beats DIO in a rap battle more at 11

(There is a poorly made daddy Jordan cheering for his son in the background)

Oh yeah and Zach was Team DIO how dare you Zach


I don’t even know what N is doing in this game


Nina and Cheren in Tomodachi life are qts


totally not late to the party

Dizzy belongs to me

Laila belongs to kynimdraws

Betty belongs to pidoodle

Clare belongs to feymark

Natalie belongs to jexima




it all started with a rock

Laila » kynimdraws    Clare » feymark      Betty » me
Dizzy » protocol00      Natalie » jexima         

jordans beware