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Alright you might be wondering why I re-submitted this again but hear me out

This is that one comic that I really wanted to fix for a while because this is a foreshadowing extra comic to Nina’s backstory, which unfortunately will not be drawn out in detail until towards the end of the Iccirus City arc. 

I have been made aware that this comic has been the source of contention because Nina initially came off as being complaining about “oh poor me I’m so talented and good at everything” which was NOT the intention at all. 

The main point of this comic was to show that the main reason for Nina’s apprehension about her mother was due to the fact that she has many expectations thrown on her and as a result of this “pedestal treatment” she does get hurt (the details of this hurt I kept vague because that is going to be addressed). But the original version of this comic did make it seem like it so I had to edit out the details and text in the hopes that it doesn’t come off that way. Yes, she does have talents that were inherited and it does make her a subject of jealousy (i.e. Extra Comic 17). But she isn’t wangsting about that.

Hope that clears things up! FYI, you can still dislike and/or disagree with her character. I just want people to dislike/disagree a thing while knowing my intentions for the character, and not because you misinterpreted something idk

Based on some of those “Sue tests” Nina is a borderline Sue, a thing which won’t be changing anytime soon but I MIGHT as well make her interesting to me :U

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